What is NMC?

The NMC (formerly the National Mastitis Council) is a not-for-profit professional organization devoted to reducing mastitis and enhancing milk quality. The NMC promotes research and provides information to the dairy industry on udder health, milking management, milk quality, and milk safety.

Founded in 1961, NMC now has close to 2,000 members in more than 40 countries throughout the world. The NMC is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, located just outside of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin.

What Does NMC Do?
  • Provides a forum for the international exchange of information relating to mastitis control and milk quality
  • Develops and publishes educational materials including books, brochures and audio visuals on udder health, milking management and milk quality
  • Establishes guidelines for mastitis control methods
  • Develops protocols for determining effectiveness of mastitis control products
  • Monitors changes in technology relating to udder health and milk quality
  • Holds meetings and provides continuing education opportunties

NMC Membership

The NMC is a membership-based organization, independent of any university or government agency. NMC membership is open to anyone with an interest in udder health, milking management, and milk quality. Individuals and companies from all segments of the dairy industry are represented in membership, including dairy producers, veterinarians, researchers, extension specialists, industry suppliers, dairy plant field staff, regulatory officials, and students. No other professional organization in the dairy industry offers such diverse expertise as NMC.

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NMC Leadership and Structure

The NMC is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors and a five member Executive Committee. The Board is elected by and from the membership. Representation on the Board is allocated so as to maintain balance among the specialized groups within the membership. Board members are elected for a three-year term. The Officers are elected by and from the Board of Directors and serve one-year terms.

Many activites of the NMC are carried out by committees and task forces. These groups play a major role in NMC's organization, providing the forum to evaluate issues and make recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Committee chairs and members are elected for a three-year term.

NMC Mission Statement

Provide a forum for education and global exchange of information on milk quality, mastitis and relevant research. Communicate that information to the dairy industry enabling it to control mastitis and improve milk quality.

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