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NMC provides an excellent opportunity to network with other dairy professionals concerned with milk quality and mastitis control. No other professional dairy organization enjoys the wide range of expertise as is found in the NMC membership.

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There are two ways you can join the NMC. You can fill out the online application or print out an application form and either fax or mail it in to the NMC office.

Select one of the links below to continue the application process for Individual Memberships and Student Memberships. For information about Premier and Sustaining Memberships (designed for companies or organizations), contact the NMC office.

Online Option:

=> Online Membership Application

[Note: This online application is for NEW memberships only. Do not use this link for membership renewals. If you are renewing an Individual Membership or a Student Membership, you must log into the members-only page.]

Printed Options:

=> Membership Brochure and Application (2-page PDF)
=> Application only (single page)

Bulk copies of the NMC membership brochure are also available. If you are interested in providing your clients, students, or meeting attendees with a copy of the membership brochure, contact the NMC office.

Membership brochures in other languages:

Brochure franšaise (PDF)
Brochure espanol (PDF)


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NMC IS Unique

"The NMC is a unique organization. I cannot think of any other group comprised of so many segments of an industry, all linked by their common interest in a single disease".

Dr. Robert Eberhart,
Penn State University,
NMC President, 1984