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NMC offers educational materials covering many aspects of mastitis control and quality milk production. These can be used both to enhance your knowledge base as well as for client education.

NMC also has an extensive collection of articles and reports in the "resources" section of the website.

The following educational materials are currently available for purchase from NMC.

Prices do not include shipping. Wisconsin residents must add 5.5% sales tax. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (possibly longer for orders outside the US). Books and CDs are not returnable. Fax, mail or e-mail your order to:

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Fax: (608) 848-4671
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NMC Annual Meeting Proceedings (printed version)
Includes all the papers and posters presented at NMC Annual Meetings.

2014 Annual Meeting Proceedings (book only) -
$24.95 NMC members ($29.95 non-members)
2013 Annual Meeting Proceedings (book AND CD packaged together) -
$29.95 NMC members ($34.95 non-members)
2012 Annual Meeting Proceedings (book only) -
$19.95 NMC members ($24.95 non-members)
[other years are also available. contact NMC office for more information]

NMC Annual Meeting Proceedings on CD-ROM

2013 Annual Meeting Proceedings, CD-ROM Version -
$24.95 NMC Members ($29.95 non-members)
note: the 2013 CD also includes 2001 - 2013 proceedings.

Proceedings on CD's are no longer offered after 2013.

NMC Regional Meeting Proceedings (printed only)
Includes all the papers presented at NMC Regional Meetings.

2013 Regional Meeting Proceedings -
$11.95 NMC Members ($14.95 Non-members)

International Symposium on Mastitis and Milk Quality Proceedings

2011 - 3rd Intern'l Symposium on Mastitis & Milk Quality Proceedings
(printed) - $12.95 NMC members ($17.95 non-members)
2011 - 3rd Intern'l Symposium on Mastitis & Milk Quality Proceedings, CD-ROM Version -
$15.95 NMC Members ($20.95 non-members)

2001 - 2nd Intern'l Symposium on Mastitis & Milk Quality Proceedings (printed) -
$24.95 NMC members ($29.95 non-members)
2001 - 2nd Intern'l Symposium on Mastitis & Milk Quality Proceedings, CD-ROM Version -
$29.95 NMC Members ($34.95 non-members)

Teat Condition Portfolio -
$29.95 for members; $34.95 for non-members
This CD-ROM is an educational tool to aid in the detection and diagnosis of various teat conditions that may be encountered on the farm. Developed by the "Teat Club International" (a group of researchers, veterinarians, and udder health advisors interested in sharing their knowledge to help diagnose and correct teat problems), the CD is available through the NMC. The CD includes 159 full-color images (fully searchable) and supporting documents. Click here for more information.

Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis -
$14.95 for members; $19.95 for non-members
(currently out of print and under revision)
A must-have for anyone involved in mastitis and milk quality. This 4th edition includes new and updated information on sources and transmission of intramammary pathogens, the course of the disease, and methods for control and treatment. Includes the latest practices to help producers, veterinarians, extension specialists, field personnel, and sanitarians control mastitis. 64 pages.

Laboratory Handbook on Bovine Mastitis - Revised Edition, 1999 -
$129.95 for members; $149.95 for non-members
(quantity discounts available)
This book brings uniformity to microbiological procedures for diagnosing bovine mastitis. Includes current procedures, nomenclature, and epidemiological information. The 222-page book contains over 100 photos, figures and tables.

Troubleshooting Cleaning Problems in Milking Systems -
$12.95 for members; $15.95 for non-members (2004)
Designed the help dairy producers and service personnel identify sources of microbial contamination and resolve high bacteria count problems in raw milk. The 20-page booklet includes a copy of the 8 forms for on-farm recording of data.

Troubleshooting Cleaning Problems Evaluation Forms -
(8 forms sold in package of 25) $9.95 (2004)
On-farm recording forms to be used with "Troubleshooting Cleaning Problems in Milking Systems" booklet.

Procedures for Evaluating Vacuum Levels and Air Flow in Milking Systems - $12.95 for members; $15.95 for non-members
(revised edition, 2012)
A description of the procedures for milking systems analysis. The methods presented in the booklet are primarily for evaluating adequacy of milking systems to maintain the average vacuum in the claw within the intended range during milking and the ability of the pulsation system to operate within the manufacturer's specifications. Includes an evaluation form (one) for on-farm recording of data. 15 pages.

Milking System Evaluation Form -
Pad of 25 for $2.50 (revised edition, 2012)
On-farm data recording sheets (to be used with the publication "Procedures for Evaluating Vacuum Levels and Air Flow in Milking Systems".

Microbiological Procedures for Use in the Diagnosis of Bovine Udder Infection and Determination of Milk Quality -
$16.95 for members; $20.95 for non-members (4th edition, 2004)
Presents procedures for collecting milk samples, general culture procedures and procedures for identifying some of the more common microorganisms that cause mastitis. Also included is a section on laboratory methods for determining milk quality. An excellent publication for your mastitis reference library! 47 pages. [Note: this publication does NOT replace the Laboratory Handbook on Bovine Mastitis, which is more detailed, and includes various microbiological tests, media, classification schemes, and epidemiological information.]

NMC Brochures/Pamphlets
Sold in packages of 50, $21.95 for members; $24.95 for non-members (per package)

Teat Disinfection Facts (updated 1999)
Procedures for Improving Udder Health (out of print)
A Practical Look at Environmental Mastitis
Dry Cow Therapy (updated 2006)
Recommended Milking Procedures
A Practical Look at Contagious Mastitis
The Value and Use of DHI Somatic Cell Count


NMC's First Publication

The NMC's first publication was "Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis". Originally printed in 1963, the booklet is now in its fourth edition with thousands of copies distributed throughout the world.